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RVA Bulldogs

Teen Crime is up this year according to the Richmond Police Department Crime Incident Information Center. We’re witnessing a large number of violent crimes in the RVA area. There is a growing concern of teens illegally possessing weapons in our community. The RVA Bulldogs Organization chooses to counter these issues through sports, community service projects and exposure to other positive avenues. The RVA Bulldogs Organization will take a proactive strategy in promoting its program in the community, while partnering with the County of Henrico, Chesterfield, and Richmond.

The RVA Bulldogs is a non-profit youth sports organization established on the basis of promoting community service, socially development  of  adolescents, and education. We will provide youth football, basketball, cheerleading, and baseball in the Richmond Metro area. The ages for competition will range from 6-14 years of age.

Our Mission

Our missing is to contribute to our community by providing quality athletic programs for youth where  mutual respect among coaches and team members is valued. Our programs will provide invaluable learning opportunities that promote physical, mental, social, and emotional growth. Additionally, these programs will foster positive self-esteem, support the development leadership skills, and encourage community service.


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Phone: 555-555-5555